There are several benefits of seeking private eye care with Mr Rashid:

Vision is precious, put your eyes in the hands of an expert

You have been recommended or have done your research on Mr Rashid. You wish him to see and operate on your eye.

Mr Rashid is an experienced surgeon thereby providing high quality expertise.

On an NHS waiting list you could have your surgery performed by any number of surgeons with different levels of experience and expertise.


Reduce your waiting time for surgery

You can use private medical insurance or self-pay to reduce the time you spend waiting for NHS treatment.

Appointments for consultation and surgery can be arranged to suit your availability.

There will be ample time for you to discuss your condition at your consultation

Mr Rashid will formulate a tailor made surgical plan for you with the latest implants and surgical techniques, often not available on the NHS.

Mr Rashid will provide a specialist opinion at every visit. This is not possible in an NHS setting.

Get a private room

You will have the luxury of your own private room rather than staying in an open ward which might be mixed-sex.


Your family and loved ones can come and visit whenever you want.

Specialist drugs and treatments might be available

​Some specialist drugs and treatments are not available on the NHS because they are too expensive or not approved by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence in England and Wales (NICE). However, Mr Rashid may have access to these treatments and knowledge of their use through his practise of evidence based medicine.