Corneal Surface Treatments

Amniotic membrane grafts
Pterygium surgery and conjunctival autograft

Recurrent pterygium surgery
Repair of acute corneal laceration
Alcohol epithelial delamination for recurrent erosion syndrome

PTK for recurrent erosion syndrome

EDTA chelation of band keratopathy

Superficial keratectomy
Ocular surface reconstruction

Limbal stem cell transplantation - allografts, autografts and living related donor grafts

Treatment of chemical injuries
Treatment of non-healing corneal defects

Fine needle diathermy and anti-VEGF (Avastin/Lucentis) injection for treatment of corneal vascularisation

Ocular surface tumours

Herpetic eye disease

Infective eye disease

Dry eye disease

Meibomian gland dysfunction

Evaporative dry eye

Aqueous deficiency dry eye

Corneal tattooing

Iris implants

Correction of iris defects